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Get your daily dose of Nintendo nostalgia at! If you like this site - please consider donating a few bucks to Jamie who wrote the excellent vNES emulator! Donate now!

Donate to Jamie Sanders - the 15 year old who wrote the vNES emulator!

The emulator used on is called vNES and was written by Jamie Sanders. Jamie is a truly amazing, not only did he write the best and fastest Java based NES-emulator available - the guy is is only 15 years old! would simply NOT be possible without Jamie's efforts. This kid is amazing!

If you enjoy and the vNES emulator, please do consider donating a few bucks to Jamie by clicking on the Paypal link below. A 15 year old's budget is obviously not that huge, so even smaller donations probably will make a difference.

Update Mon Apr 16, 2007: vNES will be released under the GPL by the end of the month. Yet another reason to donate! Yay for Jamie - the 15 year old NES-wizard!

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